Kissed by Butterflies

Kissed by Butterflies is a short story written as a gift for my wife. It is set in the Demrefor world and is not considered an official event that has happened in the timeline.

It is set in the Gallamor.

It is about the characters Bayek and Snow’Sparkle going on a night walk which leads to sexual intimacy.

This written work contains explicit descriptions of sex. Reader discretion is advised. 18+ readers only.

Kissed by Butterflies

It was a nice night. The air was warm and the stars were out, unobscured by the clouds that had hung high that day. The farm was quiet ‘cept for the lowing of the moon goliaths as their shadows ambled across the grassy hills in the distance; slow and calm.

And beautiful, Snow’Sparkle thought. Though, perhaps she was bias. Dragons had always been a special interest of hers.

Big ones.

Little ones.

Long or short ones.

Scaled, feathered, furred, or bald— It didn’t matter. She loved them all the same.

Dragons had always been something she was able to spend time on. Keep her focused…. Which wasn’t an easy thing for her to do, being a half-avio.

Speaking of things to keep her focused— Bayek would be here soon! The herd was obviously getting hungry. It was about time they were fed, and Bayek would be just about done prepping their food by now.

If she stayed she could watch them eat. Maybe sneak up on Bayek and kiss her…. Or push her down the hill.

That would be a lot of fun!

Twitching an ear, Snow’Sparkle listened for the familiar rusty squeak of the meat trolley. It was already on its way. Though still a little ways off. Perhaps she had enough time to hide…. Yes. Yes! She could hide!

Snow’Sparkle rolled to her feet, using the momentum to help her off the ground as she stumbled to put her cane in the soft, sinking dirt. She realised she should have brought her wide-tipped cane. But, she’d forgotten; silly her memory was! And now it was sinking into the soft dirt and she had to stand funny just so that she didn’t fall over.

She hopped slightly, balancing most of her weight on one leg as she glanced around for a spot to hide. By the fence? By the water trough? By the tree?

The tree seemed good.

She hobbled over to the tree as quickly as she could and, listening to find out which direction Bayek was coming from, took her place behind it.

It wasn’t long before Bayek grew close— Snow’Sparkle couldn’t see her, but the goliaths all lifted their heads and let out low moans of greeting, so she knew Bayek was there.

‘Good girls,’ Bayek’s voice spun through the quiet air like melted sugar webs, and Snow’Sparkle’s knees almost gave out. ‘Come on! Feeding time.’

A whistle rang out, and Snow’Sparkle peeked from her spot behind the tree. Bayek had her back to her as she threw meat to the herd.

It was perfect!

Slowly, quietly as she could, Snow’Sparkle crept behind the woman. She went unnoticed by all but a few of the goliaths, who simply mooed and huffed before being distracted by a cut of meat being thrown their way.

‘It’s right there, you dumb animal!’ Bayek chuckled and pointed as one sniffed the wrong patch of grass. ‘Right there! Hah, you idiot. There! There! Oh, look! Now you’ve missed it! Gotta be faster. Here.’

Another piece of meat hit the dragon, right in the face, and it managed to eat it this time.

‘Idiot,’ Bayek laughed. Then she let out a shriek as Snow’Sparkle poked her in the side, and swung around with her elbow out.

Snow’Sparkle was winded and knocked to the ground, her cane flying into the air and landing with a thump in the centre of the dragons— Who huffed and stepped away but otherwise didn’t seem to care.

‘Sn-Snow’Sparkle?!’ Bayek’s voice broke as she collapsed to her knees leant over the avio. ‘Oh, my gods! Snow’Sparkle! Are you okay?!’

‘Oh, no. I am most certainly not okay,’ she joked, a wide grin spreading over her face. ‘I am very hurt. And require kisses to make me feel better.’

Bayek hesitated, then gave a relieved laugh and leant in to peck her wife on the lips.

‘That is not where I hurt,’ Snow’Sparkle giggled into Bayek’s cheek. ‘Kiss me where you hurt me, and make it feel better!’

Bayek snorted and lifted Snow’Sparkle’s shirt. There was already a deep red mark forming where her elbow had met her ribs, and when she leant down and pressed her lips onto it Snow’Sparkle flinched and grunted.

‘Ow, ow!’ she exclaimed. ‘Oh, no. Do not kiss me where I hurt just yet. Maybe the lips was a good spot for kisses.’

‘Oh, Snow,’ Bayek shook her head, her tired grin creasing her eyes. ‘What am I going to do with you?’

‘Spoil me?’ Snow’Sparkle suggested— And much to her delight, Bayek responded by lifting up one of her wife’s legs onto her shoulder, and kissing her thigh. ‘Oh! Yes! Yes! That is a much better place for kisses!’

Bayek was interrupted by her laugh as she dropped Snow’Sparkle’s leg back down. ‘Looks like it worked. You feel any better?’

‘I am not not completely better!’ Snow’Sparkle joked. ‘I need more kisses!’

Bayek just laughed again, and brushed her beautiful long hair out of her eyes.

‘Hey!’ she rolled over and grabbed her wife’s cane. ‘Let’s go for a walk.’

‘A hobble?’

‘A waddle!’

‘A stumble!’ Snow’Sparkle let Bayek pull her up, then leant heavily on her cane. ‘Ouchie. It still hurts.’

‘I’m so sorry,’ Bayek gave a sigh and shook her head. ‘I didn’t mean it.’

‘Oh, I know,’ Snow’Sparkle grinned. ‘I should have learnt better by now. Every time I scare you, this happens.’

‘Yeah, right! So you admit it’s your fault?’ Bayek shouldered Snow’Sparkle and grinned. ‘And I take no blame?’

‘Yes, yes,’ Snow’Sparkle nodded. ‘It is my own fault. Not your fault. I should know not to spook you. But it is so funny, and I cannot resist it!’

‘Hah! Well, as long as you’re alright…’ Bayek brushed the dirt off Snow’Sparkle’s clothes, then took her hand and led her away from the herd of dragons.

‘The trolley?’ Snow’Sparkle asked. ‘Are you going to leave it here?’

‘Yeah. No harm. I’ll grab it later,’ Bayek reassured her. ‘I want to hang out with you, you know!’

‘Oh, yes! Yes! And me with you!’

‘Come on,’ Bayek helped Snow’Sparkle over the uneven ground. ‘I know just the spot.’

Snow’Sparkle responded with a nod as she was led across the flowery hills. She couldn’t help that her breath caught in her throat when Bayek met her eye, her beautiful lashes fluttering as she blinked and giggled.

And then they reached the fence at the edge of the farm, and Bayek had to help heft Snow’Sparkle over. She landed heavily in the flowers and sent a flurry of pollen and star-winged butterflies into the air that made Snow’Sparkle feel like her heart was spinning— Spinning, spinning, spinning! As much as her head was!

‘You alright?’ Bayek landed on her feet beside her, and offered her hand to the avio.

‘Yes. I am okay,’ Snow’Sparkle let her wife help her up. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ laughing, Bayek shoved Snow’Sparkle— Almost sending the woman toppling over again before her stumble turned into a rushed walk and she hurried ahead of Bayek. ‘H-Hey! Wait! Come back!’

‘Hurry up, slowpoke!’ Snow’Sparkle called over her shoulder. ‘You are slow! And I am the one with the fall overs! Hah! You are too slow to catch me!’

‘I’m not running— Hey! No!’ Bayek cried. ‘Don’t make me run! Snow! Snow!’

‘Hurry up!’ she called again, limping into the nearby trees and giggling as Bayek tried to catch up. ‘Faster! Faster, now!’

Bayek’s arms found their way around Snow’Sparkle, and the two fell together in a heap on the ground, sending up another wave of disturbed night-bugs.

‘Ow,’ Snow’Sparkle groaned, rolling under Bayek as the bruise on her stomach stung again. ‘Oh, ow.’

‘You made me have to run!’ Bayek panted. ‘How are you so fast?!’

‘Too many brothers!’ Snow’Sparkle giggled in response. ‘I had to be quick, or they would escape onto the road! And that was a big no-no.’

You’re a big no-no,’ Bayek retorted, hefting herself over so she could lean against a nearby tree. She pet her leg, beckoning Snow’Sparkle to join her, then laid back with her hands behind her head and a grin on her face.

Snow’Sparkle shuffled closer to Bayek and rested her head on her wife’s shoulder. Then she giggled.

‘What?’ Bayek asked.

Snow’Sparkle responded by kissing her on the cheek. Then on the neck.

‘Oh,’ Bayek let out a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut and smiling as Snow’Sparkle’s hand slipped into her shirt and under her silk-netted bra to cup her breast. ‘That’s…. Hah. You’re cheeky.’

‘Yes, I am,’ Snow’Sparkle replied before sticking her tongue in Bayek’s ear.

Bayek let out a shriek and fell sideways into the grass. ‘SNOW’SPARKLE! Don’t be gross!’

You do not be gross!’ Snow’Sparkle retorted as she slid over to Bayek and sat on her legs. She leant over her wife with a wicked grin and ran a hand over Bayek’s exposed side.

‘Wait— No— What are you doing—’ Bayek’s voice broke in a giggle as she anticipated her wife’s next move. ‘Don’t you dare! No— NO!

Bayek couldn’t break out from under Snow’Sparkle’s weight as the stroke turned into a tickle, and she let out another shriek.

‘Ahah! I am heavy!’ Snow’Sparkle retorted, pinning down Bayek so she could barely manage even a wiggle as her exposed side was assaulted with prods and pokes. ‘And! You! Are! Weak!’

Then she threw her face down, blowing a raspberry into Bayek’s stomach— And Bayek’s palms slammed into her head, sending her rolling into the grass.

‘Oh! Moons! Snow!’ Bayek gasped and scrambled to her wife. ‘Are you alright? I’m so sorry!’

‘I suppose it is what I deserved,’ Snow’Sparkle mumbled into the ground. ‘Ouchie.’

‘I— I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! It was a reaction!’

‘I knew the risk I was taking,’ Snow’Sparkle snickered as the sharp throbbing dulled down. She rolled so Bayek could see her smile and edged closer again. ‘And the results were not unexpected! As I said, just before, I should know better by now!’

‘Hey— I can see your hand moving closer again!’ Bayek smacked Snow’Sparkle’s hand away from her side. ‘Don’t you dare!’

Snow’Sparkle pulled her hand against her chest, her ears flicking excitedly as she edged even closer and bit her lip so she didn’t laugh as she leant in for a kiss.

Bayek went to return it, and Snow’Sparkle pulled away at the last second.

‘Oi!’ Bayek exclaimed, rolling on top of Snow’Sparkle and forcing kisses onto her cheeks. ‘No teasing! You take my love!’

Snow’Sparkle squealed with glee as she wiggled under Bayek. ‘Oh no! You are a reverse thief!’

‘Haha! Yes I am!’ Bayek exclaimed, finally pulling away and moving to Snow’Sparkle’s feet.

Before Snow’Sparkle had the chance to stop her, Bayek had grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her away from the tree.

Snow’Sparkle squealed as she was tugged a few meters through the grass before being released.

‘You are mean!’ she exclaimed.

‘Oh, you’re one to talk!’ Bayek retorted. ‘Come here!’

‘No!’ Snow’Sparkle threw out her arms as Bayek leapt onto her and continued to plant kisses on every patch of skin she could find. ‘Ah! Reverse thief! Reverse thief!’

‘Take! My! Love!’ Bayek giggled into Snow’Sparkle’s neck. ‘Take it!’

‘Ah! Oh no!’ Snow’Sparkle gave a joyous squeal and wiggled. ‘My neck! Not my neck!’

‘Not your neck?’ Bayek asked, pulling back and giving Snow’Sparkle an impish wink before grabbing the woman’s shirt and yanking it off. ‘Okay, then!’

‘My shirt!’ Snow’Sparkle gasped as her shirt was thrown to the side. ‘Bayek! You are a regular thief as well as a reverse one! What are— Bayek!

Snow’Sparkle wiggled as Bayek’s face was planted between her breasts, and let out a laugh as she felt Bayek’s tongue run along her skin.

‘Gross! Gross! Gross!’ Snow’Sparkle exclaimed. ‘It is wet! It is so wet! Yuck! Yucky!’

‘You do the same thing to me all the time!’ Bayek defended, resting her chin on Snow’Sparkle’s chest as they both caught their breath. ‘Just five minutes ago you stuck your tongue in my ear. You can’t be mad.’

‘I am not mad,’ Snow’Sparkle said. ‘But you are gross.’

You’re gross!’

‘Not as gross as you are!’

‘You’re at least twice as gross as I am!’ Bayek declared, flopping over into the grass. ‘Nasty girl.’

‘I am a nasty girl,’ Snow’Sparkle agreed, rolling to face her wife. ‘Disgusting!’




‘Icky!’ Snow’Sparkle finished, before bursting into a fit of giggles. ‘I can be even more nasty, if you would like me to be.’

‘That depends…’ Bayek eyed the avio. ‘What did you have in mind?’

‘Take off your skirt,’ Snow’Sparkle ordered, undoing the button on her pants and slipping them off to discard next to her shirt.

‘Oh, shit, yeah! That kind of nasty!’ Bayek’s face lit up, and she rushed to strip. ‘I love that kind of nasty!’

‘I know you do, and so do I!’ Snow’Sparkle grinned as Bayek flopped back into the grass. She moved closer to Bayek, running a hand over the foxen’s breast as she climbed over her and pressed their lips together. From there she moved down again. Slowly planting kisses in a trail along Bayek’s neck and chest and stomach, and feeling her wife shiver as she reached the thin trail of hair just under her navel.

She could smell it, now, as she moved lower again. The strong, musky scent of Bayek’s arousal. It was intoxicating. Warm and salty and earthy like their farm….

Snow’Sparkle heard a moan as her tongue slipped out to taste it, and Bayek’s hips bucked.

‘Snow,’ Bayek muttered as her wife continued. ‘Oh, gods. Snow…. Oh, gods.’

‘Is that a good “oh gods”?’ Snow’Sparkle lifted her head and grinned.

‘What other kind of “oh gods” is there?’ Bayek panted. ‘Yes, it’s a good “oh gods.”’

‘I was just checking,’ giggled Snow’Sparkle, before pressing her face back down into Bayek and slipping her tongue out again.

Bayek moaned as Snow’Sparkle began to trail from her clitoris down to the sensitive, wet hole and back. Each time Snow’Sparkle’s tongue met one of the two, she felt Bayek twitch and shiver, and heard a quiet moan.

And each time she ran her tongue down, she could taste the sweet, tangy wet more and more— Until she couldn’t resist it any longer and plunged her tongue in as deep as it would go.

Bayek gasped and bucked up again, and Snow’Sparkle almost bit her tongue as Bayek’s hips slammed into her face and she sat up.

‘Ouch, my nose!’ Snow’Sparkle exclaimed. ‘Why must you always hurt me, my lovely one?’

‘Sorry,’ was all Bayek could manage as she lay, panting, in the grass. ‘You okay?’

‘I am okay,’ Snow’Sparkle confirmed, shifting on top of Bayek so she could lean over and kiss her cheek. She hooked a leg over Bayek’s own, and when Bayek lifted her knee and she felt it bump into her she pushed down and gave a moan.

‘Wow, you’re wet,’ Bayek commented.

‘Mhmm,’ Snow’Sparkle felt herself blushing as she rocked her hips and pushed down more. ‘How can I not be, when I get to be with you?’

‘Hah, loser,’ Bayek teased, bouncing her leg so that Snow’Sparkle fell forward with another moan. ‘You like that, weirdo?’

‘I love it, yes! Yes!’ Snow’Sparkle breathed, her lips hovering just above Bayek’s ear as twinges of pleasure coursed through her like jolts of static. ‘Oh, my love. Yes. Please. Please.’

It was like she was being kissed by a thousand butterflies. All through her body, a tingling feeling flowed through her from her ears to her fingers to her toes. And the feeling that shot through her only grew as Bayek’s thumb met her clitoris and she let out a gasp. It was like Bayek’s touch had tripled her senses— And the more Bayek’s thumb ran over the sensitive bump, the more wonderful sparks filled Snow’Sparkle, until she let out another gasp and buried her face into Bayek’s chest.

‘I am close!’ she cried. ‘Oh! Oh! I am close! Please do not stop— Oh! Oh—‘

It was like a blast of joy had shot from Bayek’s hand, all the way up her body in a shudder that made it hard to breathe.

‘Oh, wow. That was fast. For you,’ Bayek commented. ‘I thought we were going to be here for a few hours. You never cum that fast!’

It felt so good!’ Snow’Sparkle managed, falling over sideways into the grass with a grunt. ‘Oh. Oh Bayek. That was wonderful. So, so wonderful!’

Bayek just laughed and rolled over to wrap an arm over Snow’Sparkle as she twitched out the ripples of her orgasm.

‘Mm,’ as the last of the tingling left her, Snow’Sparkle’s eyes closed and she rolled to bury her face into Bayek. ‘That was good. Thank you very much.’

‘You are most welcome,’ Bayek teased. Then she laughed, trailing a finger over her wife’s side. ‘You’re a mystery, you know. Unpredictable. It’s never the same thing twice, with you.’

‘Do not tell me you do not love it,’ Snow’Sparkle gave a grin and blinked open her eyes. ‘I am your very special kissed one.’

‘And you’re the best life partner I could have asked for,’ Bayek replied, gently pressing her lips into Snow’Sparkle’s hair. ‘You’re perfect.”

‘I love you,’ Snow’Sparkle lifted her head so Bayek’s kiss fell against her own. ‘Thank you for loving me back.’


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