Affiliates of Demrefor are listed here! These are links to sites and pages that are made by other writers who’ve worked really hard to create awesome worlds, and I hope you enjoy their stuff as much as you enjoy my own!


By C. Gultiano

Ilyris is a fantasy world of grasslands, tundras and swamps, divided by rocky mountain ranges and surrounded by a vast ocean. For thousands of years, no one has been able to travel beyond the horizon over the sea because of a mysterious anomaly that’s known only as the ‘Barrier’ leaving Ilyris isolated and its inhabitants confined to the continent.


By D.N. Bryn

18th century technology meets cultures and climates inspired by Northern Asia in this fur-trimmed world, where the trees grow far into the heavens, monstrous beasts still stalk the mountainsides, and degenerated gods rest within supernatural constructs, waiting to grant one human their otherworldly powers in exchange for a cryptic sacrifice.

If you want to be listed in my affiliates please make sure your worlds are:

  • In the fantasy genre (historical/modern magic and sci-fi count!)
  • Disability+LGBT friendly (doesn’t have to be based on these topics, but must show an amount of understanding and sensitivity)
  • Not based on fandoms/AUs or hosted on sites that must be paid to join or view

If your worlds meet these criteria feel free to send me a message through my contact page including your name, a short description of your world, and a link to where you keep your world building!