All content on this website, with the exception of the WordPress brand and website/theme coding, is owned by myself.
Illustrations, designs, descriptions, creatures, races, and all other content included are created independently and owned by nobody besides myself unless I have stated otherwise in the content descriptions. Anything featured on this website not created by myself has been made for my use by my close friends or has been commissioned and paid for with the appropriate contract.

You’re allowed to edit the work and ideas I have posted for free provided that you;

-Credit me completely in the description by linking back to either this website or one of my relevant online profiles,
-Do not make money without my prior written consent (consent given via email only).

You may not use my work commercially. This includes, but is not limited to: posters and prints, ebook or print books, crafts, stickers, NFTs or any other work digital or physical that incurs a fee for the viewer or allows you to create profit (including ad revenue) or charge others. You may print a poster and distribute it for free, but you may not charge any money to the consumer; not even to cover the cost of the printing.

Derivative / Parody / Fan Work

“I want to make my own character/species/story for Demrefor! Is that okay?”

Of course! As an independent author, my work relies completely on people taking interest in and having fun with my world!

I’m more than happy for people to make fan characters, species, theories, or even their own stories based around my world and characters- in fact, I encourage it and am honoured by everyone who has already used my world as a base for their own creations!

If you want to sell art or writing that’s based in my world you may, provided the creation is 100% yours or has the proper contract for your use. You must, however, make it clear the work is unofficial before it is purchased.

-For visual art on things like canvas prints or mugs, this is as simple as writing “unofficial fan-made merchandise” in the description.
-For writing, please put something visible on the cover art of the story and a note before the start of the story that says the story is unofficial.