Familiars are animals (most usually bestial) bonded through a magical connection or created through magic. Absolutely any animal can become a familiar, but those listed on this page are the most popular animals that can be tamed, and the most common animals to be created from scratch.

Though “familiar” is used as an overall term for any animal bonded to a Sentient or sapient Mystic, there are actually three categories of familiars:


Bonded familiar are usually given to the owner at a young age (both the familiar and the owners. Sometimes they’re born on the same day, it’s believed to be good luck when that happens). The familiar will grow with their tamer, and eventually their souls will bond and they will share knowledge, power, and life force. Familiar such as cats have been known to live extended lives with their creators, though not unrealistically long.

The death of a familiar or tamer is like the death of a family member; it doesn’t physically harm the other, but they carry an emotional burden.

Familiar can be “tamed” by force. Though this is stressful for them and it is said the bond is never as strong, and that the familiars will not behave as well as they should.


Formed from a chunk of a person’s soul. This can be done in multiple ways; making objects out of clay, leaves, fabric, etc, and bonding the soul to it to turn it into an animal. Or by violently ripping out a chunk of soul and turning it into a fully-formed animal. Both have their benefits and disadvantages.

The famila can be created by ceremony, or accidentally made.

They live as long as the creator, and if they die it is a huge hit to the soul of the creator; sometimes the creator dies on the famila’s death.


Temporary familie are things like cart drawing dragons; they can be sold or freed without any negative effects to the animal’s soul, though it is not often that this happens as the bond of a familie and its tamer is stronger than many family bonds. They create an understanding, a respect, so great that they rely on each other emotionally.

Most familie bonds are between farmers and their animals.