The International Language

The main spoken and written language on Demrefor is called “International”. It was created in the early 900s when the International Alliance was formed.

The language was developed by combining sentence structure and words from many Sentients’ languages with the goal of making international communication easier. The language quickly became popular and now it is considered commonplace in most countries to teach children International alongside their native language. One of the few exceptions to this are Star Seer countries, which are very cut off from the rest of the world and whose people don’t always see a reason to know International.

There are a few alternate forms of International; most of these forms do not change the words, but the grammar and sentence structure. The most spoken alternative to International is Rendi International.

The Rendi International language follows a very similar sentence structure to that of the Rendi race’s native languages, as it mostly cuts out words to simplify sentences and International sentences such as “Pass me the milk” and “Meet me at the tavern at 11 in the afternoon” become “Pass milk” and “Tavern meet 11 after day” in Rendi International. Rendi International is used especially by the avio people, who struggle to use the common form of International.


As well as learning International, every species has their own language, with each country having a slightly different dialect of the language. The main base is referred to by the species name (EG, “Wolven) and the country-specific language is referred to as “[Country] [Language]” (EG, “Canis Wolven”).

Country-specific languages don’t tend to vary too greatly from the generalised language but have minor differences such as slang words, spelling, and accents.

Though the languages may vary greatly between species, it is believed that there are 3 original roots to all Sentient languages on Demrefor. These can be given three simple titles; Land-Dwellers, Rendi Speak, and Aquatic.


Land-dwelling Sentients tend to have rather complicated spoken and written languages. Though a land-dwelling Sentient will usually speak and write like the rest of their species, there are exceptions; such as a felinic raised by a wolven family will speak with a wolven accent and write the wolven language.

Rendi Speak

Rendi races usually have a more simplified language structure-wise. Because of this, they tend to have more complicated words that, if used in the wrong context, completely change the meaning of a sentence.


Aquatic Sentients have their own unique ways of speaking above water that sets them apart from the rest; all aquatic Sentients, with the exception of kurloke, naturally speak half through their gills and it can be hard for them to learn otherwise.

Aquatic Sentients have learnt how to communicate underwater, as well as above.


There are many other languages on Demrefor, besides International and the species-specific languages. A few of the best-known are listed below:

Ancient Demreforian

Ancient Demreforian is a barely-translated language found on ancient nurlak temples. It is believed to be the oldest language on Demrefor, with many modern words coming from rough translations of the old language.

Small pieces of the language can be translated, but these translations are never completely accurate, and a lot of the meanings behind words have been lost. There are three words, however, which are very easily understood: mre (moon), dem (three), and efor (planet).

Old Human

Old Human is the original human language, and can still be found on ancient boats, weapons, and armour. All current human languages find their roots in Old Human.

A bit of Old Human has been translated, but there are still a lot of missing translations in the language that make it impossible to learn correctly.


The flute language was brought to the Sentients by fauns during a civil war in Tcku. It is a coded language made out of different notes, played on a flute as intricate songs, that is very common among lovers of musical history.