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Carra’Jor is the central trading hub for the world. Most ships heading to other continents will stop at Carra’Jor along the way. It has some of the most politically influential countries currently known to Demrefor.

Country list:
I’reka, Fallen Cloud, Canis La’Can, Heck’ne, The Passage, Sapious, Konde, Bonark, Ja’Ja Nakan, Rendi’Rendi, Koktoka, Oktoka, Okatako, Bakabaka Bokwok, Krte, Khya, Zolt’nata, Dr’oy, F’or, Go’too, Boro’ate, Thro’rai, Kro’el, Wh’ey, Crat’re, La’ta, Flu’ta, Craw’law

Aurn’la Ann

Aurn’la Ann is the biggest continent owned by Sentients, and is mostly owned by the kayka. The land that is not owned by kayka is mostly made up of Eala and human kingdoms.
Because of it’s high kayka population, the continent values hard work.

Country List:
Kazzaquin, Arnondark, Slilily, Kortani, Viea, Ciloa, Tiyu, Pea’Treas, Neamin, Tassatala, Kitsa Ulana, Yjula, Rynred, Diasena, Falia, Bansil Amani, Poal’Seali, Yetaah Koant, Malanii, Cadiber, Reani, Balun, Oalao, Realoo Gais, Alboya, Weatara, Yal’Teko Goai, Abalai, Popali, Papaol, Vealih, Uia, Gydil, Xipal, Awa’Ta, Roi’Luh, Gaolsi, Bolaven, Kesiki Alaka, Kuunaba, Kellako, Tyali, Huai, Wetea, Ywayla, Kikkiki, Kias Ala’Belta, Amalal, Phava, Iual, Meai, Nalaba, Ualaki, Lakua, Yearba, Zeniqu, Buhili, Fialai


Rendi is very temperament and is considered one of the more comfortable continents weather-wise. It’s consistent warm weather that’s green all year round. Most of Rendi is at least lightly treed; with the most sparse parts of Rendi being grasslands.
It is often considered one of the most magical continents, topped only by the Mystic Islands.

Country List:
Kel’di, Nac’o, Bar’tark, Rel’ili, Olol’kor, Ka’te, Ti’ki, Corka’kor, Lala’lin, Gela’fel, Yea’na, Ni’me, Palui’sui, Pela’tyte, Nil’nina, Kork’tul, Olan’ora, Wela’yeo, Quel’tua, Nila’tarto,, Bel’decir, Lim’tar, Pli’sin, Alk Islands

Felinic Gallamor

Gallamor is considered the best place to send children for education. It has a lot of boarding schools and a really well done public transport system (with trains being used in day-to-day travel and costing fairly cheap, instead of being expensive means to move from city to city).

It also has a good economy, with lots of money coming in from rich foreigners sending their children to school. There are lots of dragon farms, with working dragons (cart and train pullers) being their biggest exports.

Country List:
Teri, Gaz, Meka, Hel, Da, Kah, Kha, Ka, Doko, Elha, Re


Das has some of the most extreme day-to-day weather changes; storms can come and pass in a matter of hours. This, combined with its climate being adjusted to its large landscape, makes it a rather dangerous place to live (eg a small wind for the trees in Das is a HUGE wind for a Sentient race)

Most of Das is not defined by country names, but by temorary settlements that don’t last more than a generation or two. However, a distinction is made between the several “mainlands” and the smaller islands. The only islands on Das with a unique name is Garro; a trio of small islands right above Kaka Laki.

Leng’sor Adedu Isl

More consistent weather than Das, though it rains a lot and is very moist.

Nurlak Islands

Pleasant islands.

Country List:
Nurlak Islands, New Fallen Cloud


((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Kutu, Tssu, Renun, Merker, Dilia, Dohl, Turent, Labuntur, Zeht


((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Home, Ahkha, Ewent, Halalan


Also known as Seces Island.
Flood almost COMPLETELY during certain parts of year. The waters are only ankle-deep, but it has discouraged most non-aquatic Sentients from living there permanently

Country List:
Lequ, Jangle, Esle, Squa

Rackel es’Sark

((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Lolop, Kark, Kassak, Dirin, Isic, Sork


((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Ong, Adicti, Gorut, Randoso, Tcku, Froanta, Hent

Kaka Laki

((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Coto, Ayaka’Doka Nuk


((Description Coming Soon))

Country List:
Spaypoy, Ohpohop

Mystic Islands

Mystic Islands are considered the most magical islands in the known territories. One island of the Mystic Islands is owned entirely by giant hyenas.
Despite its magic, the Land of Night Magic

Country List:
Hyena Island, The Land of Night Magic

Keos Leesa

Keeos Leesa literally means “Dragon’s Land” in ancient Demreforian, it is heavily inhabited by draconic species who do not communicate with Sentients, and almost all knowledge of it comes from travelling zokex.

The only known country on Keos Leesa is Torat.

Unexplored Islands

((Description Coming Soon))


Not much is known about Kai’Aki since it’s disappearance in 1,603 AE. When it was around, however, it’s culture was based around study and shapeshifting.