Okion is considered the chess of the felinic world. Most other sentients believe the game is complicated, but it uses runes commonly recognised as alternate felinic numbers: to felinics, the game is as simple as counting to six

Seek the Runner

The aim of the game is simple: the Seeker must catch the Runner within the set time limit. If the Runner is not caught within the agreed time the Seeker’s team loses, and if they are caught the Seeker’s team wins.

Kogarg Cards

Kogarg cards is a kogarg game that can either be used by people to settle disagreements or to make decisions.

Troubling Travels

Troubling Travels is a gambling game that is popular among caravan traders. It can have anywhere between 2-5 players, though sometimes people attempt to play with more.

[Caves and Creatures]

C&C is nowhere near completed If you can’t guess what this is parodying  I don’t know what to tell you.

[The Alk Game]

A game alk play that I need to write up sometime.