Kogarg Cards

Kokarg cards, also known as five-card-find, is a game from the Rendi that’s used to both settle disagreements and make decisions. It was, as the name implies, first developed by the kogarg people.

There are five cards in a set: Feather, Stone, Soul, Leaf, and Staff.

Solving Disagreements

Two sets of cards are needed to solve disagreements; one for each side of the argument.

The cards are shuffled and laid out flat, facing each other.

One player chooses the opponent’s card and the owner of the card flips it (it is considered bad etiquette to flip someone else’s cards). The first one to uncover their opponent’s Soul card is considered the winner.

Decision Making

Each card has its own unique meaning which can be used to make decisions in complicated situations. The cards are shuffled and laid out, and the person seeking guidance flips the card that they feel most drawn to. This card will tell them how to continue.

Feather: The community way; what benefits the people around you most.
Stone: The continual way; what benefits the situation best in the long-term.
Soul: The inward way; what you feel within yourself is the best decision.
Leaf: The swift way; what benefits the situation best in the short-term.
Staff: The independent way; what benefits your personal self most.

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