Short Stories

Seces Flesh (Toxic)

A gory short detailing Kili Vina’s escape from a black market organ harvester.

Descriptions of violence. Reader discretion advised.

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The Escape

A fictional diary from the perspective of a felinic woman fleeing her abusive husband.

Mentions of mature content and abuse. Reader discretion advised.

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A short story, written as a valentines gift for my wife!

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Kissed by Butterflies

A short, erotic gift for my wife, featuring the characters Snow’Sparkle and Bayek!

Contains explicit erotic content. 18+ readers only.

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The Taking

A short from the perspective of a nameless alk, who watches as a criminal who wronged her as a child is is punished.

Contains mild descriptions of voilence. Reader discretion advised.

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Novels and Novellas

The Necromancers

A retelling from Jaisa Bavie, about the events that transpired during xer time in the Land of Night Magic.

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Don’t Lose Hope

‘Come and stop us, then,’ Distro called over her shoulder. ‘Oh, wait. You can’t! I’m the fucking queen!

The first, and longest, series for the Demrefor world. This series is the original; the one that inspired it all. It’s very complex and hard to sum up in a small blurb, so I’ll try and get to that a little later (hahah)