Don’t Lose Hope

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Don’t Lose Hope features bad language, erotic scenes, discussion of childhood traumas, and other material which might be considered offensive and/or upsetting. Please also note that sexual assault (and the survival of) is a heavily touched on subject in the books, with several of the characters being recovering victims of things such as CSA. I’ve done my best to handle these topics with respect and sensitivity but several scenes may be triggering to certain readers. Please take care of yourself if you intend to read the series!

Don’t Lose Hope has been a long-running project, and the main reason for me creating the Demrefor world! I’ve been writing it for years, and in 2014 I threw out everything (partially because of a harddrive crash, which lost a large chunk of my work and made me say “OKAY! I’ll retcon, then!”) and started from scratch. Now, there are 30 books for the series, which all need a nice big rewrite before they’re ready for the public.

In this series there are 2 planned book types and reading orders! The book types are “main books” and “side books”, with 15 of each! The main series books are written to flow into one-another neatly and are all necessary parts of the series. The side books for the series focus more on character backstories that aren’t truely needed for the main main plot, and are there to bring unique perspectives to certain situations. The first reading order is “main series” order, where you read the books as 1, 2, 3, etc. and just read through. And then there is “chronological” order, where you read the series as book 1, then 1.5, and so on so forth! The different orders of the books reveals information at different times in different ways, and can change your perspective of some characters!

Anyway, feel free to have a poke around!

Ka’harja’s Journey

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‘Guess what?’ asked Ka’harja as he poked his mother’s nose again. He continued when she met his eye with a tired grin. ‘You’re great.’

(Rewrite Progress: 26 chapters finished)

The Runaways

‘I have a son now,’ she replied. ‘And I’m taking him to Fallen Cloud City so he can grow up happier than I did. And my yalfit died. And my kekik’s gone to live somewhere else. It’d be nice to talk about that.’

(Rewrite Progress: Prologue)

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