Don't Lose Hope #1.5 – The Runaways

‘I have a son now,’ she replied. ‘And I’m taking him to Fallen Cloud City so he can grow up happier than I did. And my yalfit died. And my kekik’s gone to live somewhere else. It’d be nice to talk about that.’

#1.5 The Runaways


Neg’an couldn’t believe she didn’t turn in the strange boy with the lisp that night. She would have been rewarded. She could have become a hunter, even— But if she had told on him in they’d have killed him. And he’d done nothing wrong…. Though, he had just killed his father… but that wasn’t his fault! His parents had tried to kill him first. He’d just been defending himself.

Poor little Ka’harja. He’d always had the worst luck. Neg’an couldn’t help but let him get away.

She hadn’t done it for any other reason than to be good, and she certainly never imagined the lengths he’d go to repay her for it. But here he was, 9 years later, trekking across the continent and giving up everything to keep her safe.

He was giving her a new life. Away from the horrible home she’d grown up in. A life with a new name, new friends, new memories, and most importantly… her freedom.

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