Don't Lose Hope – #1 Ka'harja's Journey

‘Guess what?’ asked Ka’harja as he poked his mother’s nose again. He continued when she met his eye with a tired grin. ‘You’re great.’

#1 Ka’harja’s Journey

It’s been 9 years since Ka’harja fled the horrible Heck’ne wasteland after his parents tried to murder him. It was by chance alone he escaped them and met Distro Nigelle, a young alchemist who raised him as her apprentice and son.

He should have learnt better than to get involved with the Heck’ne again, but when ex-Har’py Stars shows up on his doorstep with her mother and newborn son, Ka’harja doesn’t think twice about offering them refuge.

He helps them join a nomadic caravan, but is thrown into the deep end when his kindness gets his house burnt down by vicious Har’pies who are tracking his new friends.

With their home gone, Ka’harja and Distro have no choice but to join the caravan and travel to a nearby town.

But nothing ever goes as planned.

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(note: currently doing heavy edits Stars’ dialogue from chapter 6 and onwards!)

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