The Harpy Bride

Don’t Lose Hope #4.5

‘Evil,’ this time the word was a hiss. ‘I know evil. I know it. And it is him. Deep inside him. Evil. Evil like sabres— And evil like spider.… Evil like Ref’elute.’


Toro was never sure of himself or his future, but now he’s sure of one thing: he’s going to marry Ell’ian, second daughter of the Har’py Prophet Ul’tok. And nothing, not even his father’s threats, can convince him not to.

Everyone tells him it’s a bad idea to marry a harpy. That he’d be better off settling down with a nice wolven girl from his area; but they don’t understand how wonderful Ell’ian is. Nobody knows how intelligent she is or how sweet she can be…. Nobody knows how much he loves her.

And even though he knew from the start that Ell’ian had murdered her brother, he couldn’t stop himself from falling in love. More-so, he could never have expected just how reasonable she could make her actions in the Heck’ne seem. Especially when talking about the hardships of her childhood as someone who thought of the wasteland as their home.

Content Warning:

Don’t Lose Hope features bad language, erotic scenes, discussion of childhood traumas, and other material which might be considered offensive and/or upsetting. Please also note that sexual assault (and the survival of) is a heavily touched on subject in the books, with several of the characters being recovering victims of things such as CSA. I’ve done my best to handle these topics with respect and sensitivity but several scenes may be triggering to certain readers. Please take care of yourself if you intend to read the series!

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