How can I keep up to date?

I’ve made a Twitter account where I post notable updates! I’ll be updating about each chapter release and website updates there! I’ll also be posting writing excerpts, artwork, and other thoughts there!

How many people are working on Demrefor?

It’s just me! I’m the primary writer and creator of Demrefor, and though I have a few friends who make suggestions and proofread for me I’ve done most of the project on my own. I do want to acknowledge my friends, though, as they have helped me so much in so many different ways, and it wouldn’t feel right to not admit that!

How long have you been working on Demrefor?

Demrefor is as old as I am! As a kid it was a world I could sneak into when things got hard, and was the subject of my terrible short stories and scribbled pencil art, and I always promised myself I’d write a book about it when I got older so other people could feel the same escape from the world that it gave me!

Now that I am older I’m keeping my promise and started on a complete rewrite of everything. The big rewrite started in 2014 after a hard drive failure lost me all my work (soul crying) but it picked up speed in 2016, when I started building the website. I took a 2-year hiatus during the start of the covid-19 pandemic but am currently getting back into it all 🙂

Demrefor’s huge! Don’t you feel you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? How do you manage it?

It’s definitely a big project, but that’s not going to stop me! The size of the project just means there’s more fun to be had with it. And though it may sometimes feel like it’s a never-ending project, looking back at all the progress I’ve made proves otherwise!

As for how I manage it? It’s all about prioritising and knowing what to work on and when! One thing at a time and not giving up. The hardest part is figuring out what needs to be worked on next. But once I have that it’s not too hard to get going!

How can I help?

Exposure: The most important thing people can do to help with Demrefor is to make sure it’s seen! Posting links, telling your friends, and getting people interested in the world will help me continue working!

Donations: While everything to do with Demrefor is posted for free, the project does cost me a little out of pocket. If you want to support me with donations to help with things such as website hosting fees you can throw a few dollars to my Ko-Fi!

What do the characters look like?

Obviously, I have my own way of imaging all the characters in the books!, I’m making profiles for many of them on toyhou.se. Mostly, I use the art of my characters as references for writing descriptions, so they should be pretty close to the book versions….

BUT, of course, everyone sees things differently! If you have a different image of the character in your mind, please don’t think you have to think of them as I draw them! Just be respectful, and I’ll be happy ❤︎

Am I allowed to use Demrefor’s world/characters to make my own work?

Yes! I would be honoured if you made work based on my own. However, I do request that you read my copyright page to understand the limitations I place on my work. Especially if you are considering selling anything!

If you’re not sure about things, please don’t be scared to contact me.

What’s up with the forgotten past of humans and nurlak? (Spoilers)

Boats that look like spaceships, the sky attacking the planet, ancient nurlak history being completely forgotten and shrouded in mystery, and strange human children appearing during storms with green spots on their necks that give them mysterious powers: these are just a few of the elements I’ve added in to try and hint at the true history of the planet.

I’ve tried to add a small air of mystery around Demrefor’s past, but I’m also not trying to keep it a complete secret. So if you’ve had trouble guessing what these things are leading up to (especially right now when the world building is still incomplete) here’s the answer: Demrefor was invaded by aliens. Those aliens were humans.

They tried to wipe out the native nurlak race, but the magical world proved too powerful and the humans lost the war; they sent out a signal that deactivated their technology and abandoned the soldiers that had become trapped on the planet. The soldiers managed to survive on the planet and now live alongside the native races.

Now desperate parents of “imperfect” children (disabled children the alien humans deem a burden) will send their children to Demrefor in hopes they’ll be saved and raised by the humans that remain on the planet.