Special Thanks!

I would like to give special thanks to some good friends of mine who with their support, encouragement, and feedback have helped me get Demrefor to this point and made the series what it is. These people in particular have been more helpful than you could ever imagine. All of them have spent endless hours listening to me talk about my plans for the series, and will undoubtedly listen to many more as I continue to work on it.


Thanks for your help with character designs and development, and your feedback on the storyline’s development!

And for sitting with me at 4am while I talk point at the TV and say “that’s what X sounds like!”


Thank you so much for your the help you gave when I was getting on my feet and starting the project!
You’ve done so much to help with Demrefor that I cannot thank you enough!

And everyone else!

Other credits go to my mum and my wife. For supporting me since the start of the project and providing honest and helpful feedback!

And for everyone who has shown interest in my project and spread the word! Thank you so much!