Magics can come from anywhere, from natural sources to gods, the world of Demrefor is imbued with magic of all kinds.

Magic draws energy from the things and people around it; meaning it can very difficult, if not physically harmful, for an individual to use more than one or two magics at a time. It is possible to learn multiple magics, but their usage is limited to the physical ability of the user; the overuse of magic may cause severe and permanent trauma— and sometimes even death.

However because of the daily usage of magic and how commonplace it is in the word the dangers are relatively well known, and most consider the dangers of magical overuse similar to that of physical or emotional burdens; a preventable effect that comes from one not looking after themselves properly and heeding the warning signs of exhaustion.

Magic has 3 common casting states: passive, active, and triggered:

• Passive magic is magic that is an always-active state; generally, passive magic is attached to an object or a person. Passive magics are things such as fireproofing enchantments or alchemy-enhancing auras that simply add extra effects to or increase the effects of the thing they are attached to. They are constantly there and cannot be activated or deactivated without removing the magic itself. Commonly, passive magics are enchantments or curses. However, there are some forms of inherited passive magics, such as the ability to sense magic.

• Active magics are magics attached to people that must be consciously used or “turned on.” Things such as telepathy and telekinesis are active magics, as is prophecy magic. Even alchemy is considered a form of active magic, as the potions must be created and used in an active manner. Active magic is the magic most common form on known magics. Active magics require a lot of self-control to use, and if control is not maintained emotional outbursts may turn certain active magics into triggered magic.

• Triggered magic is a magic attached to a person or object that is activated by outside stimuli. Prophecy magic is often triggered when control is not maintained over the active form. Dream walking and defensive shape-shifting are also common triggered magic that is inherently attached to people. Triggered magics can also be used as traps, such as explosions of fire attached to trip-wires or force fields enchanted into doorways that only block certain people. Triggered magics can very dangerous, and often uncontrollable, if not put in place by a skilled magic user.

Alongside its three states, magic is also divided into three other categories: “conventional” magic is legal and commonplace almost anywhere; “unconventional” magic is not always well known or can have ill effects; and “controversial” magic is, as the name implies, controversial to use, and often dangerous and illegal.

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