Enhancive Healing

Enhancive healing is the fastest, and most dangerous, form of healing magic on Demrefor. It is the act of accelerating healing to unnatural speeds, and often comes with terrible side effects.

It’s a controversial magic and is banned in almost every country in the explored territories, with Das and Heck’ne being the only two where it is still legal to study. Some exceptions for its use are made, such as during life-saving situations, but excuses for its practice and use are rarely accepted.

Enhancive healing is mostly spell-based, making it even more dangerous than if it was potion-based as it cannot be measured and controlled before being used. This leads to it often going wrong, with terrible consequences such as wounds becoming chronic and reopening later, or the injury tearing itself open in the spellcaster instead of healing on the wounded.

Enhancive healing rarely works as planned, though there are arguments that this comes from spellcasters being unable to practice and refine the skills, and some believe if it was legalised the quality of its healing would improve. They use healers from Das as an example of this— However, there are counter-arguments that they are cherry-picking success cases, and there are many more cases of the magic going wrong.

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