Magical modification is a fairly straightforward category of magic: any spell, potion, or enchantment that modifies a living creature, temporarily or permanently, is considered a form of magical modification. Those gifted with natural shapeshifting skills are argued to be using a form of magical modification, though not all agree.

Magical modification is considered an unconventional magic, as while it can be extremely useful and certain aspects of it are frequently used, many forms of magical modifications are harmful and have been banned.

There are many commonly used physical modification magics that are fairly well known, such as modifications that change hair and eye colour, or potions that turn the user invisible. Mostly, these sorts potions and spells are temporary, and excessive use of the magic will cause the users to build up a resistance. To make a modification potions permanent involves “preparation” potions. The type of preparation potions and the length they must be taken will depend on the type of modification the user is seeking. For things such as hair colour, preparation potions only need to be taken for a week or two— But for more complicated modifications such as the sex-changing potion Kazani’s Elixir, preparation potions may need to be taken for several years before the user is ready to make a permanent change.

Physical modifications will often leave lingering traces of changes in the user’s DNA. Often, the children of someone who has used modification magic will show these traits, even if their parent only used a potion temporarily, as their genetics may still hold the biological codes for the changes that they went through as if they were recessive genes.

Emotional modifications are less common, and those that are legal are generally classed as medications and associated more with general healing than with modification.

There are also illegal modification magics, usually in the forms of potions and poisons, that are used to forcefully modify the unwilling.

Most illegal modification potions are emotional modifications, with the most infamous being the infatuation potion; a potion commonly used as a form of mind-control when kidnapping or forcing marriages. The infatuation potion is not to be confused with the more common “love” potion; which is a harmless aphrodisiac.

Another well-known emotional modification is the memory wiping potion, which is a mix of modification and enhancive healing. Though they are illegal because of their misuse, they can be useful for victims of abuse and some places will grant usage exceptions to those who have been through extreme traumas.

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