Blood Magic

Prophecy magic is an inherited magic that is passed down through generations and almost all prophets have inherited their seeing abilities from their ancestors. Although there are rare cases of Sentients who are able to become prophets though hard work, it is often argued that these seers always had the magic laying dormant inside them. There is no way to prove either side of the argument and it is the cause of heavy (and sometimes physical) debates.

Prophecy is a conventional magic, rarely causing harm and often being useful, while also being common to inherit. It is believed that at, on average, 1 in 500 Sentients has recessive prophecy magic in their blood. This number is as high as 1 in 100 in Rendi countries.

Overall it is a very versatile magic that changes greatly depending whether it is used in an active, passive, or triggered state.


Those who use prophecy magic in its active state are considered the luckiest, and also the rarest, prophets. They can tell the future at will and are not likely to have involuntary seeings— Though, generally, their visions are much more vague than those who’s magic is used in other states, and their sight does not reach as far into the future.

Similar to triggered-state prophets, active-magic prophets need an something to focus their magic on. They refer to this as their “anchor” for the seeing, and it usually takes the form of the object or person they wish to know about.

Active-state prophets often hire themselves out as fortune tellers to make a living, and are heavily barred from betting rings by way of aura-sensors.


Passive prophecy is the most common form of prophecy, though without the help of aura-sensors it might go unnoticed or be mistaken for someone with a “gut feeling” for things.

This magic is useful for day-to-day life, and often helps with keeping people safe. A friend with passive prophecy should be listened to when they comment mundane activities, such as double checking the stove or not eating too-old food as, though they may not be able to fully explain what they believe will go wrong, their feeling that something will go wrong is generally correct.

Over 70% of passive-state prophets are also diagnosed with some form of anxiety.


Prophets whose magic is triggered by objects or events are the best-known prophets. Their magic is triggered by senses such as touch, smell, and hearing, and their seeings can often be painful and violent. As high as 20% of young prophets are mistaken as epileptic instead of being correctly diagnosed as magical before their 20th eclipse.

Many triggered-state prophets describe feeling a disconnect from themselves after their first seeing. This is especially so with those who have seeings before their 5th eclipse. Many young prophets become choice-mute in their childhoods as a way to cope with their seeings, often expressing fear that anything negative they say will become true. It is best to provide gentle support for these children, as triggered-state prophecy is traumatic, and allow them to cope in a safe and healthy manner.

There are many support groups and guilds for triggered-state prophets.

Combining with other magics

Prophecy magic can be combined with other magics in several common ways.

A large cause of argument involving prophecy magic are “artificial” prophecies and seeings created by combining other forms of magic. Soul magic, crystal enhancement, dream mastering, and telepathy are magics commonly combined to induce seeings in non-prophets, though they are not always as accurate as genuine seeings and are often credited as magic-induced hallucinations.

Enchantments can be used to bind prophecies to physical objects, such as mirrors or books, so that they can be viewed or listened to multiple times. This is very hard to do, however, as the enchantment must be cast correctly on both object and prophet during a strong seeing. Most passive and active-state prophets do not have seeings strong enough to be bound, and it is hard to predict what will cause a triggered-state prophet to have a seeing.

Dream walking and dream whispering is closely connected to prophecy magic, and it is common for prophets to accidentally give dream-based magic users visions as they sleep.

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