Carra’Jor is the central trading hub for the world. Most ships heading to other continents will stop at Carra’Jor along the way. It has some of the most politically influential countries currently known to Demrefor.

Country list:
I’reka, Fallen Cloud, Canis La’Can, Heck’ne, The Passage, Sapious, Konde, Bonark, Ja’Ja Nakan, Rendi’Rendi, Koktoka, Oktoka, Okatako, Bakabaka Bokwok, Krte, Khya, Zolt’nata, Dr’oy, F’or, Go’too, Boro’ate, Thro’rai, Kro’el, Wh’ey, Crat’re, La’ta, Flu’ta, Craw’law