Rendi is very temperament and is considered one of the more comfortable continents weather-wise. It’s consistent warm weather that’s green all year round. Most of Rendi is at least lightly treed; with the most sparse parts of Rendi being grasslands.
It is often considered one of the most magical continents, topped only by the Mystic Islands.

Country List:
Kel’di, Nac’o, Bar’tark, Rel’ili, Olol’kor, Ka’te, Ti’ki, Corka’kor, Lala’lin, Gela’fel, Yea’na, Ni’me, Palui’sui, Pela’tyte, Nil’nina, Kork’tul, Olan’ora, Wela’yeo, Quel’tua, Nila’tarto,, Bel’decir, Lim’tar, Pli’sin, Alk Islands