Kunya’mup Kiitas


The Kunya’mup Kiitas (kidnapper fighters) are a group of Har’pies who have been given the blessings of the Har’py Prophet to operate in Heck’ne.

They travel the wasteland in search of kidnapped and trafficked people in need of aid.

They have an affiliation with the Felinic group HELP, who provide a way out of Heck’ne for those who wish it.

They were started by Prophet Tru’man, who personally took part in the searches, though they had no name at the time. They were given their name by Prophet Fin’taaki, who put laws in place to allow the Kunya’mup Kiitas the right to other people’s business.

To become an official Kunya’mup Kiita is a very difficult thing. While any Har’py may provide aid to the group, members of the group have a very specific mark of proof to allow them to operate. This mark is burnt into them with a metal plate that only the king of Heck’ne has access to.