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The Aurn religion is based around nature and the universe. It teaches of harnessing the energy from the universe by using natural magics. Aurn believe that nature has been put into place in order to be turned into something beautiful by mortal hands.

They often shape growing trees into bridges, homes, seats, and other wonderful living decorations.


Each goddess has a horn protruding from their head and a coloured crystal orb that they use to amplify their powers. They often trade their coloured crystals to each other; sharing their powers and combining them. Aurn magic users know which powers combine best. For example, moon and water are a strong combination because of the tides, and planet and life magic combines well due to the planet’s life force.

Offerings are made to the goddess’ shrines, which are carved from stone or wood and kept by the front door of an Aurn’s house. Offerings consist either of food, hand-made jewellery, or flowers. Often poor or homeless take from the shrines; this is not frowned upon, and many Aurn will put out extra if they find their shrines are being taken from.

Corl the Planet Turner


Corl takes the form of a turtle. She spins the planet slowly, creating day and night, by walking across its surface slowly. Her footprints are believed to be the cause of hills and valleys, and quakes are her missteps.

Her magic is the raw energy of the planet; stones and dirt and bone. Patience and determination are used to draw her magic and her followers are usually stubborn, headstrong people who get things done.

Sare the Life Protector


Sare is a serpentine goddess who’s venom is made from pure soul and who’s rattle sounds like the singing of a thousand voices. She protects all things that live; plants, animals, and people alike. Sare teaches to share wealth and care for others before all else.

Her magic is drawn from life itself; plants, animals, and from within. Meditation and kindness are the virtues used to draw her magic.

Hoxer the Wave Rider


Hoxer is a long-tailed plesiosauria that moves the ocean to create waves and currents. She pulls the rivers towards herself, drawing their flow to the ocean. She creates the clouds with her breath and lets Kalaga steal them away to create rain.

Her magic comes from the water; rivers, oceans, and rains. Her virtues are patience, healing, and helpfulness.

Kalaga the Air Dancer


Kalaga is a skink that is so light she can swim through air as if it were water. She dances, creating the breeze, though she can get overexcited and cause hurricanes. She steals clouds from Hoxer, not realising the Wave Rider is aware of her pranks, and takes them to far-away lands to create rain.

Her magic comes from the sky, wind, and air. Her magic is best used with an excited energy; dance and fun and play.

Rica the Sun Sharer


Rica takes the form of a common garden rat and uses her tail to guide the sun. She constantly struggles with the impossible to control flame in an attempt to keep the world from burning or freezing; pushing the sun away from the planet when it is too warm, and pulling it back when it gets cold. This struggle creates the seasons.

Hard work is her virtue, with her magic being brought by nothing else.

Nuwl the Star Glider


Nuwl is a humongous bat with wings patterned with the stars and galaxies. She wraps her wings around Demrefor to keep it safe from the surrounding universe, and only leaves an opening so Rica can shine the sun onto the planet. Sadly, Nuwl must face the sun directly in order to shield the planet, and the harsh light has caused her to lose her vision.

Her magic is brought about by sacrifice and love.

Soro the Moon Mover


Soro is a goddess that appears in the form of a rock scorpion. She moves the moons around the planet, under the protection of Nuwl’s wings, to give light to those not directly in the rays of the sun. The Sonfe eclipse is caused by her pausing her work to speak with Rica.

Her magic comes from peacefulness, with her virtue being quiet and careful thought.

Star Signs

Each Aurn goddess is also represented by a constellation and has a corresponding star sign. Each star sign amplifies the strength of the goddess it represents, and those born under the goddess’ signs are said to be more proficient using related magic.

MonthStar Sign
LoraneSoro / Corl
CorwonSare / Hoxer
GlifHoxer / Kalaga
MorahRica / Nuwl


Aurn people prefer to live surrounded by nature; they live in small communities more than large cities, and their houses are usually simple brick or wood. Some older communities have shaped the branches of trees into above-ground houses which are surprisingly sturdy and waterproof.

They usually provide for themselves through farming, hunting, and gathering from nature. They make a point to keep their lifestyle sustainable and will share instead of wasting.

Wealthy Aurn are uncommon, as most of their money goes straight back into caring for the community. Poor aurn are relatively rare as well, though they are more common in non-aurn communities.

Aurn take inspiration from Hoxer and dig out trenches to redirect rivers to or away from towns.

Aurn are very in-touch with the wind; they have weather vanes to measure the speed and direction of the wind and are often able to tell the type of weather to expect in the next day. This is very useful for gatherers and farmers, as they know when they need to stock up on food or harvest wheat.

Some Aurn choose to study the Okara religion, believing many of the Okaras ways will enhance the power of Aurn magics. They do not believe in the Okara deities, however, and many Aurn think Okaras are wasting their potential to change the world.

Because the Aurn religion shares its name with the continent Aurn’la Ann, it is believed that the religion may have originated in Aurn’la.

Aurn Goddesses

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