The Blood Falcon

The Blood Falcon is a bright pink bird made of soulstone who fights for justice for the victims of evil in the world. She is most vigilant on nights without the pink moon’s presence; warding away those who would otherwise take advantage of the lack of magical protection offered by its light.

She targets criminals who have committed violent crimes, such as murderers and sex traffickers, marks them for death with a scratch to their face. The marked’s blood becomes infected with soulstone, and within the week they will die; absorbed by the stone from the inside out.

Her first recorded appearance was in the early 11,000s when the Popali king attempted to rape his own daughter; she killed the king by clawing out his eyes and throat and tore the jewels from his crown to disgrace him. However, there are rumours that she has been around since the early 10,000’s and was involved in the war between Sapious and Canis La’Can. Immortal Queen Distro claims that the Blood Falcon is a form of possessed soulstone, and contains the soul of a human woman.

Because of her bright pink colouration, Animon may refer to her as Anari’s Falcon instead of Blood Falcon.

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