The Child-Giving Spirit

The child-giving spirit started appearing in the late 12,000s. It is the spirit of a double-winged harpy man that appears in the dreams of barren women and offers to give them a child. The spirit only asks for two things in return; that the mother will protect the child with their life, and the mother’s favourite piece of jewellery.

If the mother accepts the spirit’s offer she is to wear her offered jewellery to bed the next night, and have sex with him in her dream. The women wake up without their jewellery and soon discover they have become pregnant.

When the child is born, they are born wearing the given piece of jewellery; this fact is proof enough to disbelieving partners that it was a child born of magic. And just as well as the child is always, without exception, a half-harpy daughter.

He most commonly gives children to those living in the Rendi but has appeared as far as New Fallen Cloud.

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