Basilisks are humongous snakelike monsters with scales as tough as steel and fangs made from soulstone. It is said that a bite from a basilisk will infect the victims blood with soulstone, and they are doomed to turn into the crystal from the inside out.

Alongside their infectious fangs they also have a hypnotic stare that paralyses those who make the mistake of looking into their eyes. Those who meet the basilisks eyes find themselves unable to look away as their souls are slowly drained from their bodies. Those who do not look away are doomed to become soulless undead; though some have survived, and managed to free themselves from the basilisk’s glare. These survivors become immune to basilisks, and their eyes take on reflective, mirror-like properties.

The first survivor of a basilisk’s gaze was Des Davanti, an anvora who went on to make his living as a basilisk hunter; ridding plagued towns of basilisk threats and selling on their hides and meat.

It was rumoured that valenor originally bred basilisks for war under their king, Bas Ski Liska; who released them into the Rendi as revenge for the death of their god Vale Nor. Until King Cran’s rule, when he confirmed that there was no record of a King Bas, many valenor bragged about creating such beasts.

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