Bigclaw Chibi

Bigclaw are large, werewolf-looking beasts native to the Anarmi continent. They are mostly found in the mountains of Hent and Adicti, using their huge claws to climb and hunt, but they have been found as far as the Ong jungles.

Bigclaw are named for their front claws, which are, at their shortest, 30cm long. Alongside their huge claws, they also have long teeth and a bite strong enough to crunch bone.

They can switch between bipedal and quadrupedal stances. Though their quadrupedal stance is faster, they are able to run on their hind legs quite well.

The bigclaw are solitary creatures that may temporarily pair up with a mate during mating season, which is only a short period in the month of Morah. Otherwise, they are extremely aggressive and territorial, protecting their territories from other bigclaw (or anything that could be mistaken for another bigclaw; such as the native humans). Though they don’t kill for pleasure, they will attack anything that strays too close to their lair.

Though they are dangerous, they mark their territories clearly and are easy to avoid if one is observant.

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