Chikchik birds are a poultry that are bred by the wolven people for food. They stand about 5’0” tall and look very similar to the common human-raised chicken. It is believed chikchiks originally came through the magical merging of chickens and emus, though there is no proof of this.

They have a high resistance to the cold and can be kept comfortably in temperature as low as -20 degrees, surviving as low as -40 degrees.

Chikchik is the most popular meat among wolvens as it is sweet tasting and easy to farm them for both their meat and their eggs, which are extremely nutritious. It is possible for Sentients to survive eating only one or two of these eggs a day, and they are useful for underweight wolvens who are trying to bring themselves up to a healthy weight. The eggs have a sugary taste to their yolks, just like the chikchik’s meat, and while the shells are edible they are also extremely bitter and are usually instead ground into dust and fed back to the chikchiks.

Foxen people also raise chikchiks, though they don’t eat them and instead use them as mounts. They treat them similar to how many other races treat horses or gryphons. They also enjoy making alcoholic eggnog from chikchik eggs, though this is to be expected.

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