Das Millipede

Millipede Chibi

Das millipedes are rainbow-coloured arthropods that live in the thick foliage of Das. They use the cave systems to move from island to island and are one of the smaller creatures native to Das. As adults, they are around 2’6” tall when crawling; though they can stand almost 8’0” tall when rearing up.

They are very placid animals that, when habituated to Sentients, can be trained to carry people on their backs.


Dassens often steal their eggs and raise them as mounts; building specialised saddles and riding them through the thick plant-life, and up trees whose foliage would make it difficult to scale in-flight.

As well as being great mounts, companions, and food for the dassens the millipedes also have strong exoskeletons that are often carved to make jewellery, armour, and cutlery.

In the wild they play a vital roll in Das’ ecosystem; they are the main critter responsible for the removal of plant litter and animal faeces.

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