Deer Wasp

Deer wasps are a giant wasp native to Das. They are a species of emerald cockroach wasp that has adapted to life on the Das islands. They are much, much bigger than their cockroach-hunting cousins and hunt Das’ megafauna— most commonly deer. … And when other animals are unavailable, they have no qualms about using Sentient settlers to lay their eggs.

They are about three times the size of a fully grown dassen man and have a venom-filled stinger that they use to paralyse their prey before carrying it off to a secluded burrow in order to reproduce.
They will lay a single egg, which is about the size of a balled fist, inside their prey using an ovipositor disguised as a secondary stinger. Unlike many other parasitoid wasps they do not lay externally, and instead puncture the skin to deposit their eggs.

The venom of a deer wasp does not kill its victim; instead, they lay in a conscious, paralysed state as they are slowly eaten alive by the larva.
Sentients who have survived a deer wasp’s sting have said that they are still able to feel pain, but cannot respond to it.

The venom of the deer wasp doesn’t naturally leave the bloodstream; instead, the poisoned blood must be slowly removed and replaced via multiple blood transfusions until it becomes diluted enough for the victim to begin recovery. This can take anywhere from a month to three years.
Because of the lengthy treatment, most victims are taking to Kamaki town to recover.

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