Fairy Chibi

Fairies are an annoying insect-like pest on Demrefor that chew on any type of cloth or paper they can find. Despite their humanoid appearance, they have absolutely no intelligence; and are considered one of the dumbest bestial animals on the planet.

They create huge hives and nests similar to wasps, and swarm in colonies that can grow to the thousands. These colonies are often built in house lofts, using a mix of the fairies’ sticky faecal matter and plant foliage to hold itself together.

Colonies are ruled by queens, who are the main breeder of the hives. These queens have longer lifespans than the average fairy and have huge, bulbous growths on their back that contain eggs. They produce a hormone that makes other females infertile. Upon the death of the queen, or separation from the colony, any female fairy can take over once their fertility comes back.

They don’t often carry diseases, but there is a sub-species of fairy known as the “blood fairy” that drinks blood and spreads illness with its bite. It is native to Latau, but is also found on Yali and in the Gallamor. The blood fairy originally came from a small collection of fairies that were magically merged with a mosquito for a school project. They were intended to be exterminated after the project’s end, but the fairies were released as a prank by the child’s classmates and soon founded a successful population.

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