Halmoi Chibi

Halmoi are a Heck’nerian mollusc that’s diet consists completely of rock, clay, and bone. They hollow out rocks and uses them as a protective shell. They will eventually eat this shell and find another.

In their full form they can be anywhere from a few centimetres in length, to several meters; no matter their size, though, they are able to compress themselves through spaces the size of a pinhead. This is due to their extreme flexibility and lack of bones, internal or external.

As they are made completely of flesh and soft muscle they are a fantastic meal for those who live in Heck’ne and have the highest fat content of any known wasteland animal. They are, however, very difficult to find as the only telltale signs of them are tiny holes in the bottom of the rocks that look almost natural. This has lead to many Heck’nerians going on rock-smashing sprees to hunt the halmoi.

Sometimes halmoi will hollow out abandoned harpy eggs and live in them. This is rather unsettling for harpies; seeing unhatched eggs slither across the ground as if possessed. It is considered bad luck to break the eggs to eat these halmoi as the halmoi inside are believed to be born from the unhatched child’s desperate attempts to break free and be born, and eating them will allow the child’s corrupted spirit to take over your body and curse you forever.

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