Heck’nerian Spider

Heck'nerian Spider

The Heck’nerian spider is a huge arachnid that stands around 4’0″ tall at its adult height and weighs over 40kg. They are considered the most dangerous animal in the Heck’ne, and are the reason for regular spiders’ having a bad reputation on Carra’Jor.

They have large pincers around their mouth that they use to bite and kill their prey. They also have a pair of long tails replacing their spinnerets. These tails mean they cannot create webs, but instead have an extra-potent venom that they use for self-defence.

They have two different venoms, their tail venom and the venom from their bite. The venom from their tails is much more painful than the venom from their bite, causing the flesh around the sting to quickly erode as if sprayed with acid. The venom from their bites is less painful, simply causing cardiac arrest, and is much more valuable on the black market as an ingredient for poisons as it is perfect for making murders look like accidents.

Like most spiders, they are able to climb vertical surfaces. This helps them as they often live in the Heck’ne’s Ga’oa pits, waiting for unsuspecting prey to pass and leaping out of the caves to kill and consume them.

Their lifespan and breeding cycle lasts for ten years: new eggs hatch on the triple moon when the elderly spiders die off. When hatched they have no tail stings; they only grow in after three days and are non-venomous for another six.

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