Ice Bear

Ice Bear

Ice bears are large, white ursidae that are native to the Kazzaquin ice deserts, surviving as low as -50 degrees Celsuis. They’re popular pets on Aurn’la Ann and are often used as mounts by the smaller races.

Ice bears are carnivorous animals that survive on a diet almost completely consisting of meat. Their natural diet consists of a variety of seals, though when kept as pets they may also be fed a diet of beef, mutton, and poultry. Frozen berries are a common treat for ice bears, though certain berries (such as strawberries) may cause slight indigestion in some individuals.

There are two variations of the ice bear, the wild standard and the tamed standard. These variations have no visual indicators, and the main differences are in behaviours. The wild standard more aggressive than the tamed standard.

It is common for international buyers of black-market ice bears to receive illegally poached wild standard cubs instead of professionally bred tame standard animals. This has been described comparable to receiving a wolf pup instead of a regular dog, and most of these black market animals are severely neglected before eventually being put down. The export of ice bears to other countries has been severely limited for this reason.

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