Imp Chibi

Imps are rat-sized demons native to Carra’Jor that, despite their semi-humanoid appearance, are not at all intelligent. They are horrible pests that, luckily, haven’t managed to invade the other continents.

They are often described as hideous; with shrivelled faces, horns, warts, discoloured red skin, and a long tail with a triangle-shaped piece of bone on the end. There is no known reason for their appearance other than their long tails; which they use to spar with others of their sex during mating disputes.

Imps breed extremely quickly and have no mating season. They will breed excessively until their colonies collapse in on themselves and starve half to death; and as soon as they are able, they will begin breeding again. This, of course, makes them susceptible to parasites and diseases, which they will spread if given the opportunity.

The imps’ breeding habits mean Sentients have a lot of trouble getting rid of them once they move in, and exterminating imps is considered a necessary profession in Carra’Jor’s urban areas.
As imps prefer filth, it is known that the best way to avoid an infestation is to keep houses and streets clean.

Though they are pests in urban environments, they are also a valuable food source for many predators and are an important part of Heck’ne’s ecosystem.

They will chew through anything they are able to; often destroying the wooden supports of houses or damaging water pipes.

The worst imp infestation saw the fall of a Sapious castle in the early 5,000s, killing thousands of castle workers and releasing the swarm on the city (which had to be evacuated to avoid the spread of disease).

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