Incarah Chibi

Incarah are large, dog-like amphibians that are bred by seces as companions and worker animals. They originated from dogs and frogs that were combined with animal merging magic. Though they were originally bred by and for seces, many other aquatic races have adopted the animal fondly.

They start out life as small tadpoles with canine-like faces. As they grow they develop frontal fins, which eventually turn into legs just as their hind-fins begin to develop. As their hind-fins morph into legs they start to form air-breathing lungs, and soon are able to move onto land.

Most land-dwelling seces own at least one incarah for protection reasons, usually bonding with them as a familiar. This bond gives special benefits to the seces (such as heightened perception when their familiar is around) and to the incarah (longer lifespans).

Incarah are associated with protection and loyalty.

Incarah Tucker

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