Kelpie are an aggressive aquatic species that have the ability to shape shift between two different forms. The first form of the kelpie resembles a regular horse; with four hoofed limbs, a long mane, and muscular build. The second form is more aquatic; the kelpie retains its two front limbs, but its hind legs fuse into a long curled tail with a tuft of fur on the end.

Despite it’s overall horse-like appearance from a distance, approaching a kelpie will reveal more canine-like features such as their wide-opening mouth, sharp teeth, and forward-facing eyes. The reason for this appearance is that kelpie, unlike their land-dwelling cousins, are predators.

The behaviours of the kelpie are often described as a mix between horse an canine.

Though kelpie are predators, there are several domestic breeds kept by aquatic Sentients such as seces, who find the kelpie’s flawless abilities to move between land and water invaluable.

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