Kraken are a species of giant octopus native to the eastern oceans of Demrefor. Their territories start in Kraken’s Drop in the south-east waters, and spread out and up, far into the unexplored waters. They are the main reason for Sentients to have stopped exploring the east side of Demrefor’s oceans, as the further out ships have gone, the larger krakens become.

Kraken’s Drop has some of the smallest krakens currently known, with the animals only growing half as big as a small cruise ship. These krakens are the main source of knowledge on kraken behaviour as their small size makes it possible to study them.

They are extremely territorial and aggressive animals that attack almost anything that they perceive as a threat or as potential food. Ships fill both these niches for the animals, and so are a common target for kraken attacks.

Though the krakens are aggressive and difficult to fight they are also highly valued in the meat market; they are a rare and expensive find, and any kraken meat found on the market can usually be traced back to valenor hunting parties.

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