Manticore are large creatures, comparable in size to a kurloke. They have the body of a sabre, the wings of a dragon, the tail of a scorpion, and the face that resembles that of a human. Despite their human-like face, they are only about as intelligent as a deer or a sheep and have very placid natures similar to a domestic cat.

They originate from the Kuturian mountain ranges in Yali and are popular school mascots in the Gallamor, often being imported and let to wander freely through the schools. This works well, as they require minimum food and care but enjoy the social interaction given to them by the students.

Manticore used to be kept as food by kayka until the early 2,000s, when several Sentient races expressed discomfort in the practice due to their human-like faces. After a two-year long discussion involving countries in the International Alliance, raising manticore for food became a restricted practice, though they may still be kept as hunting companions and pets.

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