Mimics are shapeshifting, carnivorous pests that live near the entrances of caves and use ambush-hunting techniques to catch prey that wanders into their dens.

As mimics most commonly live at the entrances of caves, it is easy for them to adapt to life in sewers, dungeons, and old abandoned buildings such as castles. They will use their shapeshifting abilities to camouflage in these areas, with some of their most successful disguises being treasure chests, beer kegs, and beds. Because they hide by using shapeshifting magic, it is considered wise to bring aura sensors when hunting mimics.

Nobody knows what mimics look like untransformed, as upon death they melt into unrecognisable messes of brown sludge. This sludge is an inhibiting toxin that has effects similar to alcohol poisoning, and is a key component in the illegal infatuation potion.

Mimics are found all over Demrefor but are most common in urban-developed countries as they find it easier to populate outside of their cave systems.

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