Phoenix are a rare breed of yellow peafowl that, during most times of year, resemble regular birds. They have elemental powers centred around fire, and when they feel threatened they can spontaneously combust into flames like a torch. They naturally create small flocks, with 1-4 cocks, and 10-30 hens.

Wild phoenix make their nesting grounds in the sides of volcanoes and the edges of scattered pools of lava, while tamed phoenix familiars may nest in their owners’ fireplaces or cooking pots.

During breeding season, their feathers turn bright red and orange and the cock’s long tail feathers catch alight during their sexual displays. They begin building nests and mating with the cocks, and near the end of breeding season successfully mated hens will brood in their nests for 3 days before catching alight one final time and turning to ash. This ash will then be cared for by the flock’s cocks and after about a month, will begin forming into young phoenix chicks. Most of the energy for these chicks comes from the heat of their home, with a few nutrients coming from whatever food the phoenix cocks bring to them.

Aura sensors say that the way phoenix reproduce utilises shape shifting magics; and through this, foxen people have come to love the phoenix as a sacred animal, comparing the powers of the phoenix to the powers of Maiden Klict. Because of this, the hunting of phoenix is banned under empire law.

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