Plesiosauria, often shortened to plesio, are a family of large marine reptiles found on the borders of the unexplored territories. Generally their numbers in the explored territories are kept in check by the valenor, though they are considered a pest in the waters surrounding Karkadon.

There are two major variations of plesio species. The long-necked fish-eaters, and the short-necked apexes.

Most long-necked plesio species are fish-eaters that live near coastlines. They are peaceful creatures that rarely attack Sentients, and while smaller species of long-necked plesio are often compared to dolphins, it is not recommended to approach large plesios due to the risk of being injured by flippers or tail.

Short-necked plesio are a lot more dangerous and daring than their fish-eating cousins. Considered an apex predator, they will will attack creatures more than twice their size. This makes even the smallest short-necked plesio a serious threat to Sentients as their jaws have a bite comparable to a crocodile’s.

The rarest species of plesio is the multi-headed caver. As it’s name suggests, the multi-head caver is a two-headed plesio found in Demrefor’s cave systems. It is completely blind, relying on a form of echolocation to navigate the caves, and is one of the rare creatures completely unaffected by soulstone. Due to the rarity of sightings, is unclear if the two heads have individual personalities.

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