Sabre Cat

Sabre Cat

Sabre cats are large felines with thick fur and large fangs. They are found on almost every corner of the world. Their curious natures lead them into the cave systems underneath Demrefor, which give them access to all the continents. Though they tend to prefer mountains and heavily-wooded areas they have been found everywhere, including deserts and swamps.

Because they are found in all different environments they have adapted, and there are several subspecies. The best-recognised subspecies are the common, snow, midnight, and wasteland species.

The common sabre have tan hides, sometimes with spotted or striped patterns. Their fangs are the largest of all the subspecies and they are the only sabres that are legal to keep as pets, as they have been partially domesticated.

Snow sabres are fluffy and white with speckled patterns running along their pelts. They can endure the cold much better than other sabres and are a menace to chikchik farmers.

Midnight sabres are jet black cats. They’re the smallest breed of sabre, and prefer to hunt small prey such as rabbits and rats. They are completely nocturnal jungle-dwellers and tend to avoid Sentients when they are able.

Wasteland sabres are the most dangerous of all the sabre breeds. They are known for being one of the top predators in Heck’ne, being both predator and prey to the harpy species, and are the only sabres with protective manes growing around their necks. Their pelts are similar to the common sabre and tend to be spotted and tan, though sometimes they are closer to sand-yellow or dark black-brown.

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