Spider Chibi

Spiders are common familiars for Sentients, especially the felinic, nurlak, and alk. Because of the high oxygen levels of the planet, spiders can be any size; from the size of a pinhead to as large as a train-pulling dragon.

They are usually the familiars of hunters and warriors; with their poisons being used to tip weapons and their webs used to make nets and traps. Their natural hunting skill often enhances their bonded’s own skill, and they are often able to communicate semi-telepathically with their owners.

They are not very common on Carra’Jor, as the Heck’nerian spider is extremely dangerous and its reputation has made other spiders rather unpopular familiars on the continent. Nor are they popular on Das; where most spiders are simply too big to tame. They are also uncommon in foxen societies, as foxens would much rather eat them than tame them.

In most places they represent longevity and patience. However, in some cultures, they are better known to represent determination and the aggressive achievement of dreams.

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