The sunfly is a small insect with no mouth or digestive system. Instead, a sunfly absorbs sunlight through its wings to grow and live.

Because sunfly live by absorbing the sun they are able to thrive almost anywhere on Demrefor, though they do best in warmer climates where they can breed extremely quickly and create swarms that reach into their thousands. Because of their high numbers many Sentients consider them pests, though they are actually a very important part of the planet’s ecosystem as they are a major prey animal and make up a huge part of insectivorous animals’ diets.

This is especially apparent in the Heck’ne wasteland, where plant-life is sparse and most creatures are predators. Sunflies are at the beginning of the food chain for the Heck’ne; smaller animals eat the sunfly, and then go on to be eaten by larger predators, which has allowed the wasteland to develop its own unique ecosystem.

Because they are such an important part of Heck’ne culture Har’pies believe that sunflies were created by the Heck’ne goddess Zen’efay, though it is more likely they evolved from the common fruit fly.

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