Unicorn and Pegasus

Unicorn and Pegasus Chibi

Unicorns and pegasus, despite their physical differences, are the same species. Their wings and horns are a form of sexual dimorphism. Pegasus are all female, while unicorns are the male of the species.

When first born, they are mottled black and white, similar to a paint horse, and will change colour depending on the conditions they are raised in. Adults are only ever solid white or black in colour, with their colourations matching whether or not they are primarily nocturnal or diurnal; their colourations are believed to be camouflage for the night sky and daytime clouds.

Generally, they avoid dirty areas and live in open plains beside large forests, or in lush mountain ranges. Wherever they live, their territories tend to be under the open sky and near a clean body of water.

They are a relatively rare species to come across due to their skittish natures, though they are not endangered.

Pegasus are beautiful equine creatures with large feathered wings joining behind their shoulders on their withers. They are very shy and skittish, avoiding anything outside of their own species and relying on the unicorn head of their herd for warnings of predators. They stay in large family herds together regardless of location and presence of a unicorn.

Unicorns are wingless and have a long, sharp horn in the centre of their forehead. They are generally aggressive, though have an affinity for young girls and if approached calmly may allow children to pet them. They are mostly solitary, though may travel with their siblings after leaving their birth herd at around 4-5 eclipses old. After leaving their birth herd they will seek out a new herd and fight the current unicorn for dominance.

The males’ horns are used in their sparring and are coated with an oozing, glittery liquid that allows bacteria to fester in any scratches or wounds made by the horn. Despite this, their horns are often powdered and used as an aphrodisiac.

Because of how beautiful they are they are often captured in an attempt to tame them; however, due to the unicorn’s aggression and the pegasus’ skittish nature, this is rarely successful.

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