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The term dragon on Demrefor refers to any creature in the draco genus; a unique genetic line that evolved separately from most other life on the planet. Though Draconic creatures have very unusual biology when compared to other genuses, they are also the perfect example of convergent evolution; many species in the draco class share traits with other animal classes such as mammals and reptiles.

Most creatures draco genus have a natural resistant to soulstone, though only a select few dragons are fully immune to the stone’s effects.

The draco genus is descended from the single creature, aposolis, which eventually evolved into all the dragons currently known.

There are 3 categories of dragons on Demrefor: sapient, domestic, and feral.

Sapient dragons are dragons that have shown high levels of intelligence and comprehension- Many of them are able to communicate with each other using forms of language. However, only one race of dragons, the zokex, has successfully intergrated into Sentient society and been able to conistantly communicate with spoken language. The hunting of sapient dragons is banned in most places, and they are generally treated similar to Mystic races.








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