AposolisThe aposolis was a tadpole-like creature with 8 eyes that lived in coral reefs and adapted their colours to survive.

The aposolis first evolved into four different sub-species, which are called the aposolor, asala, corasa, and torsada. From there, the creatures turned into different dragon species.

Though they are now all extinct, knowledge of their existence comes from ancient nurlak and human artefacts that depict their evolution.


AposolorThe aposolor stayed a water-dweller through most of its evolutionary stages and is the ancestor to all dragons with zero to two limbs. The aposolor’s tail split into two, which in later evolution either fused into one or became limbs.

The majority of water-dwelling dragons come from the aposolor, though not all. Very few of the aposolor’s ancestors evolved to live on land.


The asala evolved soft little stubs in order to crawl onto land; it began by flopping around in the wet sand and evolved from there. The pincers help it to hold and chew its prey.

It is the ancestor to many four-limbed dragons that roam Demrefor’s lands and oceans.


CorasaCorasa evolved to have toes to grip rocks as the crawled around on the ocean floor. This helped them adapt to live on land quite fast. Their tails thickened and they grew fins on the side of their heads for help with hearing.

Six-limbed dragons are the descendants of the corasa, as well as several four-limbed dragons who have had limbs recede over time. They dominate the land, and not many ocean-dwelling dragons are descended from the corasa.


TorsadaThe torsada was a slow swimmer that found it extremely difficult to live in rough currents. The fins hindered the animal while it was aquatic, but evolved into strong limbs to help with land travel. The torsada lived in rock pools and crawled from puddle to puddle when mating season came by.

They are the ancestors of all eight-limbed dragons, with half of its descendants adapting for land and sky and the other half for water.

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