Weatwor are a sapient Draconic species found along the southern borders of Keos Leesa. They are quadrupedal herbivores native to cold, long-grassed plains that are susceptible to flooding and heavy rain. Because of this they have developed several aquatic adaptions including fins, webbed toes, and unusually shaped wings that, while cumbersome in flight, aid their survival during the wetter times of year. They are also able to hold their breaths for up to an hour, and ingest saltwater.

Their colourations change with the seasons. During Newgrowth, they are a pale green, and as the year approaches Sunwatch their hues slowly shift to yellow and then darken to match the grasses. As the Raintime comes, their yellows darken further and turn to deep blues, and then lighten into pale whites as Snowfall begins. This repeats every year, and though it is possible for a weatwor’s cycle to reverse if they move into a territory with northern seasonal patterns, it is not common and they are more likely to simply remain a green-yellow throughout their stay in the warmer climates.

They are one of the two species known to be closely related to the zokex, alongside the hillia. Unlike zokex and hillia, weatwor are unable to digest soulstone. They also struggle to speak or write in Sentient languages, though it is clear that, after attempting to learn a language, they are still able to understand what is being said to them.