Das Gliders

Das Glider Chibi

Das Gliders are a legend among the dassens who live in Das. It is not known if they actually exist, but many lost dassen children have claimed to have been brought home by the gliders, and teenagers injured while searching for settlements say they have been saved by gliders.

They are described as almost human, except for their furry bodies, rabbit-like nose, and the fleshy membrane that runs from their wrists to their knees, and Dassens who have seen them say they wear backwards capes that are dyed bright colours.

Not much is known about them, as they always come and go without a trace, but they are considered protectors by the dassens.  Oftentimes, dassens will leave peace offerings to the gliders as a way to thank them for watching over them, and as an offer of friendship and welcome should they ever wish to make themselves better known.

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